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Established in 2008 by brothers Tomas and Magnus Forsberg, Fobe Pålar AB is a subsidiary of Fobe Produktion AB.


We provided these services previously within FoBe Produktion AB, building up 15 years of knowledge and experience within thread cutting of steel core piles and pipes. Our business idea is to be a partner to companies engaged in underpinning works.


We supply threaded steel core piles and pipes as well as assisting companies engaged in underpinning works with a range of other products and services.


Our workforce boasts considerable experience of cutting machining and welding. We are firmly committed to empowering our staff to take a big responsibility for the company. Our experienced workforce and modern technology form the platform from which to succeed in our pledge to be a professional production partner.


Our machinery consists of several CNC operated machines and a range of assembly and welding equipment which meet today's high standards for rational, quality-assured manufacturing. We provide thread cutting of steel cores from 70 to 230 mm, in lengths up to 12 metres.

FoBe Pålar AB / Forssåvägen 7 / 824 65 NÄSVIKEN / Telefon: 0650-30400 / Fax: 0650-30072 / Godsadress: Forsså Industriområde, 824 65 NÄSVIKEN